Creepy hands image wins album cover photo competition

Earlier this year I entered a photo competition that was run through the Guild of Photographers. It was a new competition being promoted through their Cameracraft magazine. The theme was to capture and image that could be used as an album cover photo. It did not have to be for a real band or musician. It just had to have a look about it that could be used in that context.

Album cover photo

One of the key points for this challenge was the image had to work as a square composition. Therefore, it would demonstrate that it could work on a CD case (or record sleeve for those who remember!) I decided this was a great opportunity to use one of my dark and creepy images. I could imagine featuring on a rock or metal album!

So I decided on my “power to unlock” image in the end, giving it a tighter square crop. The composition of this image would also also allow for text to be added. That is another important part of album art.

Black and white new art for February 52

What the judges said

The review of my image read:

The first place and prize….goes to Sara Sadler for her powerful black and white, titled “power to unlock”, which has all the space that might be needed for graphics. It’s also an image which works well for album thumbnails in streaming services or on player screens.

Cameracraft July/August 2022

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