New lens ball toy creates new creative opportunities

I recently changed jobs after working for 9 years as a lab technician in a local school. One of my leaving gifts from my colleagues was a lens ball. This is one of those accessories which I always thought looked like fun but never got around to treating myself. So armed with my new “toy” I have been having a play and exploring new creative opportunities.

Creative opportunities

These small glass balls allow the photographer to create exciting abstracts or unusual images. By placing the ball in the scene you want to photograph you can turn landscapes on their heads or mix up exciting shapes and patterns.

As I had never used one of these before I decided initially to play with it in my garden. I wanted to work out which lens works best and what settings would work well.

I opted for a 100mm macro lens to start with and opened up my aperture to create a nice blurry background. I had a play creating freaky eye images.

creative opportunities using a lens ball

Then I wanted to try some handheld shots where I would hold the camera in one hand and the ball in the other. So I changed my lens to the lighter 50mm one. This time I went into the garden to see what creative opportunities I could find there.

single focus point through a lens ball
creative garden photography with a lens ball

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