Take a look behind the scenes, using a lens ball

I have recently started creating a new style of image. I was gifted a lens ball a while back and had been experimenting with some unique still-life images using it. You may remember the first images that I shared last month.

Lens ball photography

These small glass accessories are usually used for capturing unique landscapes. They show the inverted horizon against the landscape.

I decided to mix things up a little and play with still-life images. However, I wanted to use lights and reflections to create an abstract picture.

Using a flashing torch belonging to one of my children, I set the lens ball against a black backdrop. Next, I spun the torch over the ball and captured the reflections.

BTS on lens ball photography

Editing the image

Once I had captured a few images using this technique, it was time to pick my favourites and edit them. I decided to flip the image and then play around with levels and textures.

Although I did like the effect of the ball and the lights set against a black background, I felt that the smokey texture just added a more interesting sense of depth to the image.

Abstract image created using a lens ball

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