Challenging myself with the Elements Camercraft competition

After the success of my “time to unlock” image in assignment 1 in the Camercraft competition, I decided to enter again in August. The theme for assignment 2 was “elements”.

Cameracraft Competition

The Guild of Photographers produces this publication for its members. This year they have added an extra feature, giving its members a chance to challenge themselves through a series of assignments.

For assignment 1 we had to produce an image you could see on an album cover. This time we had to pick 2 elements from wind, earth, fire and water and combine them into one image.

The image could use composite techniques as long as the images hadn’t been featured in an image before and we had photographed all the photographs.

The Elements Fire and water

I decided to create an image using fire and water. My image catalogue includes some interesting images featuring these two elements, and they also seem to work well together.

I had a play with a few concepts, but in the end, the simplicity of this image really works.

Fire and water - combining two elements in an image

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