It’s October it must be the spooky season!

Autumn is here and that means Halloween is just around the corner. With Spooky season around the corner, I thought I would share some of my darker images with you.

Halloween images

I have taken a few dark images over the years. I do enjoy creating composite images that have a dark side!

These images have been created over the last couple of years. Each one is produced and inspired by different things. I think I have tapped into my dark side during this time with the state of the world. With political, medical and financial woes all around us, I have definitely found it easier to tap into this!

First I mocked up an image when I couldn’t get hold of a pumpkin! I decided to carve an apple instead. By adding some of my flame images and textures a creepy image came together!

Images for Sale

All these images are available to buy from my Alamy portfolio. At Alamy, you can buy images at different price points depending on your intended use.

Buy Spooky season images

For more dark images for Halloween head over to Alamy. Here you can see these seasonal images alongside the rest of my portfolio.

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