Channelling my creativity in new directions

My life style has recently changed significantly. I thought I was going to have more time on my hands with both my children now at high school. However, I now have a full time job. This means I have less time and less energy! This is why I felt the need to channel my creativity in a new less energetic direction.

New Creativity

Now I am working five days a week, I have found that my energy levels have dropped. By the time I have sorted all the family “stuff” after work, I am pooped! This has led to me taking fewer photographs,. The energy it takes to go for a photowalk is just too great!

So, I am pursuing a new hobby, which is hopefully going run along side my photography. This one should allow me to have a play in the evenings, once I get to sit down!

Jewellery making

Having a little more money to spend with the new job, I was looking to treat myself to some new jewellery. While I was browsing on line, it occurred to me that I was looking at a lot of wire based rings and bracelets. This is when I thought it could be fun to try and make my own. I will admit that this is not something I have ever done before. So I am not holding out a lot of hope for creating some beautiful pieces. At least not for a while! They do say practice makes perfect, or at least leads to improvement. So watch this space!

Channeling creativity through jewellery making

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