Find out how I get creative when fruit goes bad!

Last month you may have seen one of my new images “when fruit goes bad”. This was one of my images for the 52 frames project, where I am creating one image every week for a year. The theme for the week was food photography. I could have taken a nice documentary image of some food. However, I thought it was time to get creative again.

How I created when fruit goes bad

So when I was thinking about creating something a little bit different, I started with some brainstorming. I knew I wanted to use this apple. It was a great colour, and shape and I loved the dried-out leaf that was still attached. I came up with a few different ideas, including the apple turning into juice, and changing colour. In the end, my favourite idea came from the thought that the food could be alive and bite back!

Simplicity is the key

I knew I wanted this to be a simple image. So I set the apple against a white background. This became my base image.

Red apple - the base image for my composite image "when fruit goes bad"

Biting back!

The next part involved taking multiple images of my mouth, and pulling lots of different expressions! The one I went with was a little disturbing – but that was the idea! I wanted the final image to feel uncomfortable!

Once I had the apple and the mouth images I needed to make it look like the mouth belonged to the apple! The first stage was to cut out the mouth and use the warping tool to make it bend around the curve of the apple. Next, I used the clone tool to add some of the apple texture to the lips. Finally, I added some final touches, whitening the teeth, removing blemishes and adding shadows and highlights. Here is the final result!

when fruit goes bad! Food themed image for November 52

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