December 52, marking the end of my 52 frames project.

As the year ends, so does my 52 frames project. In 2022 I captured an image on a given theme every week. So for the last time this year, here is December 52. Don’t forget to check out November 52 if you missed it.

Week 48: Animals (400mm+)

I chose an easy subject this week and sat with my beardy to get her portrait. However, I think she may have got fed up with me using her as a model!

Bearded dragon for December 52

Week 49: Shoot from below (portrait of a stranger)

It felt appropriate to go for a seasonal image this week! Here is one of our Christmas Elves shot from the hero pose.

December 52 and a Christmas elf

Week 50:Roll of 24 (one click)

So following my efforts last week, I decided to get some of my other decorations out for a photoshoot. This time I moved the lighting to give the penguin a bit more depth with shadows.

A Christmas penguin for the challenge 24 shots

Week 51: Break the rules (intentional camera movement)

I discovered a new technique this week. I played with ICM in the past but never used wire as the subject. It was fun to play with different shapes and not really know what the results would look like!

breaking the rules for December 22

Week 52: Redo (the extra challenge)

This week we were given the opportunity to redo one of the challenges from 2022. I decided to go for the close-up challenge. I always enjoy a bit of macro photography and am still trying to practice my focus stacking skills. We have this new lily and I thought it would make an interesting subject for this challenge.

The final image for December 52 - a macro lily

Is this the end?

So having completed two years of the 52 frames project, will I continue for the third year? That is out for debate at the moment. I do enjoy having a purpose of getting my camera out each week. I can get into the habit of not photographing anything for ages without some incentive. My busy life gets in the way! However, it is quite a lot of pressure to keep up with. Maybe a rest over the festive season will give me more energy to continue. Be sure to follow me to see what happens!

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