It’s a New Year and another 52 frames project, here is January 23

So after a bit of thought, I decided to give the 52 frames project a third year. I do enjoy that it makes me pick my camera up every week. What I started to not enjoy was the lack of creativity in my images last year. I found myself taking “holding images” just to get something taken. This year I am going to be thinking about my images earlier, and give myself adequate time to capture the shot. So here is my first month, here is January 23.

Week 1: Self-portrait (use a light)

I didn’t want to create another standard self-portrait, so decided to get creative in Photoshop again. I have seen people doing this technique before, and I thought I would give it a go! I managed to freak out my children with this image – so I am assuming it works!

A surreal self portrait for the first image in January 23

Week 2: Blur the action (panning)

I photographed the background using ICM to create a soft impressionistic look. I decided then to layer another photograph I captured that day over the top to add a point of interest

Blurring the action for my 52 frames project in  January 23

Week 3: Your hobby (studio lighting)

I love to read and love a bit of darkness too! I decided to combine these themes with a nod to Jonathan Wolstenholme in this representation of my hobbies!

The art pf reading for the hobbies theme in January 52

Week4: portrait of a stranger (use a prop)

This is the week I dread. I am not a portrait photographer. And I am definitely not a street photographer. It takes me way out of my comfort zone to take images like this. However, an opportunity presented itself this week. I managed to get a photo of a young lady carrying out a science experiment!

Portrait of a stranger - playing with science!

Did. you enjoy January 23?

Please follow me to see if I can continue my third year of the 52 frames project!

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