Love is in the air this February 14th!

February is traditionally the month of love! With St. Valentine’s day falling in the middle of the month, you can’t help but feel love is in the air. With this in mind, I thought I would share my love-themed images available on my Alamy portfolio.

Faking the golden hour to create a romantic image!

Love is in the air

The most recognisable symbol of love is the love heart. Although nothing like the shape of a genuine heart, it is still known as the symbol of love.

I have created a few images using this symbol. Sometimes it is a heart carved into a tree, other times I have made an image containing a heart. I have also captured an image of an actual heart (fret not, they are lambs’ hearts that had previously been used for dissection in school science lessons! Spot the scientist nerd!)

I also enjoy a little abstract art. Some of the images may nto even look like hearts. For example the image below of a flame. Some people will just see a flame burning a piece of coal. While others, like myself can see an image of a heart being created by the flames.

All these images and more are available for download over on Alamy. Here you can pick the resolution you need and Alamy will set the fee accordingly.

love is in the air - my range of love themed images on Alamy

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