Horray – another month and another set of images for February 23!

Another month and I am still working through my third year of the 52 frames project. If you missed my submissions for January 23 check them out. Otherwise, enjoy my latest work for February 23.

Week 5: Black and white (shoot with film)

I titled this one “Matthew the Raven”. I know this is actually a crow, but it amused me walking along the beach. This crow hopped next to me jumping from one beach hut to another. It felt like we were on a walk together! It was late afternoon and the sun was setting behind the crow, which created a lovely silhouette. Perfect for a black-and-white challenge!

A silhouette of a crow in black and white for February 23 as part of the 52 frames project.

Week 6: Shallow depth of field (f/1.4)

I spotted this little guy while out on my walk. I kept my aperture wide open as the lens would allow (which was f/6.3 on this lens) I had hoped to spend the weekend getting a few more options on my wider lens, but time has disappeared!

shallow depth of field featuring a woodland squirrel for February 23

Week 7: Chair (tell a story)

I called this “The modern-day mysteries in the style of Harris Burdick!” Known for creating odd scenarios to get the imagination working overtime! My short story started like this: “She found it strange that a perfect office chair had been abandoned in such a strange place.”

A surrealist take on a chair themed image!

Week 8:Line from a song (collaborate)

My initial thought was to play with the Pixies song “where is my mind” I had loads of ideas about how to create this image, but time was not on my side this week! The ideas I had would take some time to execute in Photoshop. In the end, I created a variation of my idea, using the skull from one of the skeletons at work!

Where is my mind? Pixies song inspires photo art

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