New seal stock shots added to Alamy library

As you will know I have several ways in which I share my images. I like to take fun artists images but I also capture images which may be of interest for people to buy via my Alamy library. Recently I have added some new seal stock shots to this library.

Seal stock shots

I have recently started going for walks after work. This is a way to get a bit of exercise and get a bit of “me time”. Many of these walks take me along the lovely West Sussex coastline.

It was on one of these walks that I came across a seal, swimming and resting just off the coast. I was so happy that I actually had my camera with me!

Many times I thought I had lost it, but then it would pop back up on the surface a short distance from me.

Seal stock shots now available buy on Alamy

Selling seal images

I was pleased with how these images came out. Also, that it is quite unusual to see a seal in this area. I decided to upload some of these image to my stock library, making them available for others to buy.

Check out my image library

To see the full range of images available, head over to my stock portfolio.

Alamy Portfolio

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