Check out another month of images for April 23

Four months into the year and another set of images have been captured for my 52 frames project. Here are my photos created for April 23. Don’t forget to take a look at my images from March 23.

Week14: Fill the Frame (200mm)

It was another week when things had not gone to plan! As time was running short I decided to photograph my bearded dragon. He is always so photogenic so I didn’t mind using him as my emergency subject!

Beardy for the fill the frame challenge for April 23.

Week 15: Dreamscape (Erik Johansson)

This week I had just got back from a lovely family holiday in Lisbon. While there I captured many images hoping to create a composite on my return. This was a combination of some graffiti overlaid on a photo of Rossio Square. I added some textures and adjusted some levels to get the final look.

Composite image of Portugal for the dreamscape challenge.

Week 16: Blue Hour (light painting)

I knew I wouldn’t get out anywhere interesting this week to capture the challenge. So this meant I spent most of the week deciding on a subject I could capture in my garden. The weather wasn’t great all week, but for the last night, I did manage to get out and photograph my little man on my fence post! I did enhance the colours slightly in post-production to add a moodier feel.

watching the sun set for the blue hour challenge for April 23

Week 18:One light source (unconventional lighting)

With time running out again, I grabbed my little man to pose for a picture! Using my jewellery hammer and anvil as props. I enhanced the moody look in Photoshop.

Image for the one light challenge in April 23

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