New prop to feature in a creative series of fantasy photography.

The eagle eyed of you will probably have noticed I have introduced a new prop into some of my fantasy photography. I have been using this prop for some of my 52 frames project. You may have noticed him appear during April 23.

Bringing fantasy photography to life

I wanted to give some of my images a character with a story. To bring my fantasy photography to life I have introduced a little person. It is a simple person with minimal features, but he has started to get up to some new adventures.

I love to create surreal worlds in my photography. The latest way I have introduced this is with a new character. Is he an alien? Is a representative of the soul? who knows? However, he is adding some personality to my images!

He started off the journey with a little meditation on the beach! I took one of my sunset images and then photographed this little person on my dining room table. Then I created this composite image by merging them together.

Fantasy photography with my new prop!

Then he went down a more bleak route during the blue hour!

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