Sharing some images of Lisbon

Last month I was lucky enough to spend a few days in Picturesque Portugal. So today I though I would share some of my images of Lisbon that I captured on my travels!

Lisbon Photography

Like many people we have not been away on a family holiday for several years. With COVID preventing travel and having to build up our savings again we have not been in the position to travel. So this year we were pretty excited to get away as a family.

We had never been to Portugal before, but had heard lovely things about the place. So we were keen to explore!

The architecture is special and unique and I couldn’t help but stop every few paces to photograph something else (much to the annoyance of the family!)

This first image was a composite of two that I captured in the city. The first photo was of Rossio Square and then I overlaid some graffiti that I photographed. I played around with some textures to create a painterly look.

Composite image of Portugal for the dreamscape challenge.

Black and white street photography

Lisbon is the sort of place calling out for black and white street photography. Reminiscent of the style of Henri Cartier-Bresson, those everyday human moments can be captured. Now, I am not saying my work is up to his standard at all! Just as I was editing my holiday snaps, I was reminded of his work and I felt like they should be edited in black and white.

Buy Lisbon images

Some of the images I captured in Lisbon are available to buy from my Alamy portfolio. Check them out!

Alamy Portfolio

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