Welcome to collection of images created for May 23!

Find out which images I submitted for May 23, my 52 frames project where I capture an image every week for a year! If you didn’t see April 23, check it out now!

Week18: Food photography (complementary colours)

I decided to go for a non-traditional image of food for my image this week. Food photography is normally about showing off the colours to make the food look enticing. I decided to go for a more abstract black and white showing off the texture of this pistachio nut.

black and white image of a nut for May 23.

Week 19: Details (f/1.4)

I have recently taken up the hobby of making jewellery. I am mainly making rings from wire, but have been experimenting with creating textures on the wire. This challenge seemed like an appropriate time to photograph some of them!

Close up of a home made ring for May 23

week 20: Hi Key (SOOC)

I was clearing out the pond weed at work and came across some tiny newts. They were so cute! Some of them still had their gills! Don’t worry they were safely returned to their pond shortly after this was taken!

A baby newt!

week 21: Low key (bodyscapes)

I have had my usual problem of not knowing what my subject should be this week. As I was leaving work at the end of the week, I noticed there were a couple of tulips left over from the flower dissection experiment. This inspired me to use the white one to create a moody low-key image!

low key tulip image

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