Inspired by a musical images

This year I decided to enter the photography competition run by the village festival committee. Photographs had to be inspired by a musical. Being a fan of some musical theatre I decided to take on the challenge!

Inspired by a muscial

The first part of this challenge was to decide on the muscial. Then I had to decide how I was going to represent that show. I had lots of ideas, but was then limited by the props I had available to me.

First, I created am image on the theme of Phantom of the Opera. I happened to have a mask in my props, and the rose bush was in full bloom in the garden. One of the rules for this competition was to leave the image unedited. This was a challenge for me, as I do like to tweak colours or remove dust! If I could have edited this image I would have changed the colour and texture of the mask. However, I was pleased with how it turned out!

Inspired by a musical - phantom of the opera

Little shop of Horrors

My second image was to recreate Audrey II from the Little shop of horrors. The idea came from my husband while we were snacking on some pistachio nuts on a sunny evening. I thought I could turn one of the shells into this iconic plant!

I grabbed a small plant pot, a weed from the garden and place an empty pistachio nut case on top. Then dripped some red food dye around my creation. There was still something missing from the image. Again, not being able to edit the image limited my creativity. However, hubby came up trumps again, and suggested adding some smoke for atmosphere!

So, grabbing an incense stick, and setting the shutter to fast and continuous, I started to quickly photograph the swirls of smoke. This one was my favourite, as it looks like a shaft of light shining down on Audrey II!

Audrey II from little shop of horrors. Inspired by a musical.

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