Playing around with homemade jewellery

A while ago I took up a new hobby, I first showcased this during my May 23 challenge. I really wanted some new rings, but couldn’t afford to buy any. It occurred to me that I could create my own using jewellery wire. It has taken a while to find the wire and style I like but I am now really enjoying making my own homemade jewellery.

Homemade Jewellery

Initially, I tried some wire wrapping. I liked how the rings looked, but the wire was too soft to handle daily wear.

Next, I got myself a roll of thicker wire, and a jewellery hammer and had another play. I really like the dappled texture that is created using the hammer.

I also love the shapes I can create with this new wire. Simple swirls and twists look really effective. Especially when given a mottled texture. I am enjoying coming up with alternative designs and experimenting with what works as a ring design.

Close up of a home made ring for May 23

I look forward to what I may make next with my new creative project!

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