New Wes Anderson-inspired images on Alamy

I look at the latest trends when creating new work for my Alamy portfolio. Alamy does a great job suggesting popular themes and trends, so this is a great place to start. With the release of “Asteroid City” one of the recent suggestions was Wes Anderson-inspired images.

Negative space

I used one of the challenge themes from my 52 frames challenge in June, which was negative space. I set about capturing some images of my local area. I was also trying to capture images featuring negative space, so I concentrated on making them look empty and slightly bleak.

Creating Wes Anderson-Inspired Images

These minimal images already started to look like something from a Wes Anderson film. However, there was something missing from them. So, with a bit of colour grading in post-production, they were good to upload.

Buy images on Alamy

If you like these newly styled images they are all available to buy from my Alamy portfolio. When not head over there now and check out my other images.

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