Find out how I created some water photography

I love experimenting with abstract images and creating water photography is something I regularly come back to. As one of the themes for August 23 (my 52 frames project) was “water” it gave me the perfect excuse to have a play! Here is how I created these images!

Water Photography

Dropping water to create interesting shapes and splashes is a popular theme with some photographers. There are fancy kits to buy to create that perfect splash. However, I don’t own one of these kits! Instead, I have to experiment with the equipment I do have and see what I come up with!

I use a plastic pipette or syringe to create droplets when I play with this setup. Firstly, the water was coloured with a bit of food colouring to make the droplets more interesting. Then I manually focus my macro lens onto a section of the bowl, aim my droplets, fast burst my camera and hope for the best!

Traditionally, you would use an external flash to freeze the motion. However, as my flash is not currently working, I opted for continuous light and fast shutter speed instead.

Behind the scenes creating water photography

Final image

After a bit of cropping and colour grading in Photoshop, the image is complete!

water photography for July 23

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