New stock images captured at Southwater

I am fortunate enough to live in a very picturesque place! Every once in a while I manage to get about and about with my camera I recently captured some new images in a lovely little place called Southwater.

Southwater, West Sussex

This little country park in West Sussex is a hidden gem. Some beautiful lakes, used for water sports and fishing, are surrounded by a series of pathways that circle them. These paths take you through meadows and woodland.

While wandering around this beautiful landscape, I also came across a host of wildlife. From butterflies and dragonflies to pigeons and toadlets! It was a nature lovers’ paradise!

A came across this pigeon who seemed to be posing for me! It stood on a small wooden bridge. I was able to stand at the other end and use the handrail as a leading line. The light in this area was beautiful as the trees created a soft dappled light, shading us from the harsh midday sunlight. This particular image also happened to be my “leading lines” submission for June 23!

Stock photography of West Sussex

As ever when I have been out capturing new images, I have added some of these to my stock photography portfolio. I felt some of these would be an excellent addition to the site.

Check out some stock photography

Why not head over to, my Alamy portfolio now to see what is available?

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