Images from Europe: Part 1 Belgium

We have been lucky enough to have another family holiday. You may remember that we spent a few days in Portugal earlier this year. This time we spent a few days in Belgium and the Netherlands. Here are the first of my images from Europe, Enjoy Belgium!

Road trip across Europe

We have wanted to get out to the Netherlands for a long time now. Friends moved out there a few years ago and this was our first time visiting them!

First, we had to get to mainland Europe. We opted to get the ferry and then drive across northern Europe. To break up the journey a little we took an overnight stop in Bruge. It is such a picturesque city, with cobbled streets and old architecture. I was spoilt for views to capture with my camera!

Here is probably the most famous landmark in the city. It is the bell tower in the market square.

The bell tower in the centre of historic Bruge!

Images from Europe

As you can probably guess, travelling somewhere new was so inspirational. I couldn’t help but capture many images. Here are a selection of my favourites.

As I am so spoilt for choice with my images, I thought I would create 2 blog posts. So, check back later to see The Netherlands leg of the journey.

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