Check out the summer images created for August 23

As the summer ends, I am reflecting on another month of photography. here is August 23. If you missed July 23, go back and check it out.

Week 31: Water Photography (1/4000th)

This week’s challenge gave me the excuse to play with waterdrop photography again. I had a fun (and a bit frustrating) time attempting to capture some water droplets using a syringe and a fast shutter! I used red food colouring to add some colour. However, after a few attempts it turned into a dirty brown colour. So I tweaked the image to a more pleasing colour in Photoshop.

water photography for August 23

Week 32: Night Photography (City at Night)

“I was a newborn vampire, weeping at the beauty of the night” Anne Rice.

With the nights so short, it has been tricky for me to find enough dark hours to get out and capture something. Therefore I decided to recreate a night scene using my vampire miniatures! I used an image of the moon that I had captured earlier in the year to create a composite, but the rest of the image was captured this week.

Week 33: Black and white minimalism (10 stop ND)

I have just returned from a trip to Brugge and The Netherlands. Visiting new places always makes it easier to capture photographs! This is one from the centre of Brugge and workd well for the minimal challenge.

Black and white minimalist image of Brugge for August 23

Week 34: Upside down (optical illusion)

I had a go at one of the inverted portrait images. It was fun to play with a technique I hadn’t tried before! I like how the image looks “normal”on first glance. It is only when you really look carefully that you realised some thing is not quite right!

upside down optical illusion for august 23

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