Edited by someone else!

One of the challenges in the 52-Frames project for August was “edited by someone else”. This is a particularly tricky challenge as you must give up control of your image to someone else!

Sheclicks does 52 frames

Part of this challenge’s tricky element is finding someone willing to edit your photo for you. Fortunately, I am a member of the online group “Sheclicks”. This is a group for female photographers, and within this group, we have a sub-group for “sheclickers” doing the 52 frames challenge. Therefore, I was able to find a willing editor within the group.

My editor, Mandy photographed some lovely images of highland cattle and heather growing in beautiful landscapes. However, she commented that it was a shame that the cattle were not standing in the heather. This gave me an idea. I was able to have a play with a composite image, where I could place one of the cattle into that landscape. So, this is what I came up with:

My edit on Mandy's image for edited by someone else challenge

Edited by someone else – my bearded dragons

I provided an image of my bearded dragons for my editor to work with. She was inspired by dogs getting excited by seeing other dogs on the TV! It is a fun interpretation of my image.

my bearded dragon edited by someone else!

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