Spooky-themed photo challenge

October is the month of witches, ghosts and all things creepy. Therefore, the sheclicks challenge this month had to be spooky-themed photos! This was right up my street, so I had to enter some images!

Photos for Halloween

Sheclicks is an online community for women who enjoy photography. It is a friendly group of ladies who share images, ideas and advice. Sheclicks set a challenge on a different theme every month. The top 25 images are then displayed on the Sheclicks website.

Spooky-themed photographs were the challenge for October. Those of you who follow my work will know that this is the sort of image that I love to create. Some of my images were inspired by my lockdown experience. So, I made some time to get some photos entered into this challenge!

spooky-themed photographs for the sheclicks October challenge.

Sheclicks community

This community is so welcoming and always offers constructive criticism. I am in many online photo groups, and like many communities on the internet, there are some people who like the sound of their voices a little too much! There can be some truly nasty and cruel comments from people just trying to learn! Fortunately, this does not happen on this site. People are genuinely kind and helpful!

Stay tuned!

At the time of writing, I do not know which images have won the top spots! Having had some positive feedback I am hopeful that one of mine will get picked. However, there were some really good entries. So to find out how I get on, check back in or sign up for my newsletter.

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