October 23 weekly photo challenge!

As another month whizzes past so quickly, I have still managed to get out and about capturing one image a week on a chosen theme for my 52 frames project. Here is October 23. If you missed September 23, be sure to check that out.

Week 40: Dappled light (use a cuculoris)

The cases of the tomatillo fruits have slowly been disintegrating! I have wanted to use them in an image, and this week seemed like the perfect opportunity! I got out my mini vampire hunter and set him up in the dappled light cast by the fruit casing.

miniature figure in dappled light for October 23.

Week 41: Street (shoot in manual)

I am not a fan of street photography. I hate confrontation and am convinced that I will get approached! So for this challenge, I opted for the “shoot from the hip” method. I have tried this method before and ended up with out-of-focus terrible shots! So I was pleased when I managed to get a few to choose from on this occasion!

street photography for the 52 frames challenge

Week 42: Fashion (use multiple flashes)

I have opted for a close-up of my favourite dress for this challenge. It was all a bit last minute after a chaotic week, so I am pleased with how it has turned out!

close up of my favourite dress for October 23

Week 43: Use a tripod (night street photography)

I had some time at home this week as it was the school holidays. This has given me more time to be creative with my shot. We had some lemons in the house, so I thought I would have fun! I turned a lemon into a spray bottle!

lemon fresh! Submitted for October 23 - a weekly photo challenge.

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