Red leaves up close!

To while away some hours on a wet afternoon I decided to practice my macro photography. I wanted to capture the texture of some leaves. This is how I went about capturing some red leaves up close!

red leaves or green?

It is common to see the leaves changing colour at this time of year. The green of summer fades into gorgeous hues of orange, red and brown.

Unfortunately, the weather has tricked nature this year, and there has been a delay in the autumnal colours. I wasn’t going to let this stop my creativity! Today I am going to show you how I created these red leaves from green ones!

Creating colourful leaves from green ones

leaves from a rose

My lovely hubby had bought me a bunch of lovely roses, and me being me I couldn’t let them sit there without taking some photos!

I grabbed some of the leaves and mounted them onto a stand. I placed a whiteboard behind the set-up for a clean background. I then took a red light and shone it onto my subject. I didn’t want the red light to spill onto my background, so held a piece of black card between my light and the whiteboard.

Behind the scenes of the red leaves set up

Once I was happy with the lighting I started taking some pictures. I set my camera up with a macro 100mm lens. Then set my settings to f/22 to get more of the image in focus. My shutter was 1.6 sec, as I had my camera mounted on a tripod. I then upped the ISO to 1250 to improve my exposure.

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