The senses photo competition – my shortlist!

I came across a fun new photo competition, which got my imagination running! The theme was the senses. Benq ran the competition with the prize being one of their monitors. I had to give this one a go!

Selecting my image

The one downside to this competition is that each participant could only enter one image. I had a go at creating some new photographs as well as looking back over some of my old ones that might fit the theme. There were plenty of eyes in my images, so I picked out some for sight. I created a lemon spraying a scent for the sense of smell and captured a macro of a strawberry for taste. My final image was of a leaf which I felt captured the sense of touch, as it had a lovely texture.

Here is my shortlist. Now came the tricky part – picking one image!

Picking an image for the senses

Next came the hard part! Narrowing down my shortlist to enter one image that creatively represents the senses!
In the end, I opted for the red leaf image. I submitted it as representing touch. This is because I felt you could feel the texture of the leaf from this image.

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