New creepy art – Caught my eye

It has been a while since I have created some creepy art. Life has got in the way. It was so lovely to find some time during the half-term holiday to create this new piece which I have called “Caught my eye”.

Caught my eye

This concept had been in my mind for a while. Strange, dark and surreal films are fascinating to me! I also seem to use my eyes in many of my pieces! There is a wonderful connection when you add eyes to some art!

This image was inspired by the helping hands in “Labyrinth” and the pale man in “Pan’s Labyrinth“.

Caught my eye - new creepy art from my collection!

Creating art

So. on a wet and windy October day, I finally created this image. It was very gloomy. So I had to use extra lights to set the scene. I then went about photographing my eyes and hands. Some Photoshop magic allowed me to create the tone and mood I wanted. I added a dark texture to the background and overlaid the whole image with some blue tones to set the mood.

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