November 23 photo challenge images

We have reached the penultimate month of the year, which means the end of the 52 frames challenge is in sight! Here is November 23, my collection of images photographed throughout November. If you missed October 23, be sure to go and check that out.

Week 44: Inspired by a famous photographer (chosen for you)

I decided to use the generator to get my photographer. It gave me Hiroshi Sugimoto, so I took to Google to find out more. The images captured with a slow shutter speed, showing abstracts of a candle blowing in the wind, were fascinating. So, I took this opportunity to capture my take on this.

Inspired by Hiroshi Sugimoto for November 23.

Week 45: Bokeh (f1.4)

I grabbed one of the gerberas in the vase for this challenge. I also had some fairy lights lying around for my background. Unfortunately, I didn’t like the bright pink flower against the orange lights! So I decided to play with the colours to make something more unusual!

bokeh themed image for November 23 photo challenge

Week 46: Bathroom (public)

I decided to take a close-up of this nasty razor that has been sitting on our bathroom shelf for too long! It wasn’t until I got close up with the camera that I realised how nasty it was!! It’s safe to say it was disposed of soon after this shoot!!

A close up of a razor for bathroom week on the 52 frames challenge.

Week 47: Nature (portrait)

I was out for my post-work walk as the sun was setting. I decided to sit and watch the sun go down for a while as it was so peaceful.

Seasons of life: winter. A winter sunset

Week 48: Hold a light (optical illusion)

This is a bit of a placeholder for this week. I have had a terrible week, but I grabbed an hour to photograph this tealight holder and edit it.


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