Black and white landscape photography

I do love a walk in the countryside! I take my camera along but struggle to capture those “wow” images! Today, I thought I would share some black-and-white landscape images that came out ok!

Photographing nature

I am lucky to live between the sea and the Sussex Downs on the south coast. There are some beautiful areas to explore with my camera.

The best time to photograph these scenes is when the light is soft. This often means getting out at sunrise or sunset to capture the mood. However, because of other life commitments, I rarely get to go for these walks when the light is at its best.

Recently, I managed to get up onto the downs on a sunny day after work. It was a clear day from the top of Cissbury Ring, I could see for miles! It was a beautiful afternoon but made for harsh contrasts in the landscapes.

Converting black and white landscapes

I was not particularly pleased with the images I captured when I got home. For this reason, I decided to see what the images would look like if I converted them to black and white. Here is what I came up with!

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