A portrait of self – behind the scenes

The first challenge in the 52 frames project for 2024 was to create a self portrait. I wanted to do something different from a standard selfie, so went back to playing with a composite. Here is a behind the scenes look at how I created a portrait of self!

Self portrait composite

When I was considering my self portrait I asked some questions. Who am I? How can I represent me? I wanted to show my life, but wasn’t sure how I was going to do this.

I started off by assembling some objects which reflect different aspects of my life. Once collected together it made me reflect on how jumbled it looked and how at times my brain feels like that! This was when I thought I would put the objects in my overwhelmed head!

Here is the raw image taken straight off camera. As you can see I needed to cut out the bowl of obects before I could insert it into the final image.

objects of my life - one layer in a portrait of self

Capturing me

Then next step was to take the self portrait. As I was going for a theme of being overwhelmed, I opted to not smile! I wanted to look serious!

Using natural light in my conservatory I captured a basic image. No frills!

A self portrait - raw image

Editing and setting the mood

The next step was to resize the bowl of objects and blend it to the top of my head using layers and masks.

Next, I added a textured background.

Once I did this I realised that the brightness and hues were not quite the same across my three layers. Using a variety of adjustment layers I tweeked each one to make them look seemless.

Finally, I overlaid some colour layers to created the over all mood.

A portrait of self - the first image of the year for January 24

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