Idioms of eyes – A photographic representation

I have been working on a new mini-project over the last few weeks. I liked the idea of taking idioms literally! So out of that came idioms of eyes! Be sure to head over to my gallery page to see more of my dark art images.

Caught your eye

My first image in this series came from the idiom to catch someone’s eye. I liked the idea of putting my eyes in the palms of my hands. And so the composite was created!

Caught my eye - new creepy art from my collection!

Apple of my eye

Next, I worked on the phrase apple of my eye. This saying is usually used to express your favourite thing. Therefore, I wanted to use an apple that had been cut for a while and was starting to go brown!

Apple of my eye - one in the series of my Idioms of eyes

Eyes bigger than your belly

Lastly, I created an image based on eyes bigger than your belly. The idea is that you think you can eat more than you actually can!

Eyes bigger than your belly - part of the idionms of eyes series

Buy images from the Idioms of Eyes series

These images are all available to buy from my stock portfolio. Head over to Alamy now to see these and many more photographs.

Alamy Portfolio

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