A new year and a new round of 52 frames – here is January 24

A new year and a new round of 52 frames! I have decided to start my third year, by taking a photo a week on a given theme. If you missed my submissions for 2023 be sure to check them out. Otherwise, here is January 24!

Week 1: Self-portrait (use an external light)

I wanted to represent who I am in an image, which led to the question who am I? Am I the mother, the scientist, the gamer, the reader, the nature lover? I was left with an overwhelmed mind, which is where my head is now, so it seems appropriate.

A self portrait  - the first image of the year for January 24

Week 2: A new technique (shoot in manual)

I was given a lens ball as a gift a couple of years ago. I have had a bit of play with it at home but never taken it out of the house. So this challenge allowed me to get a lens ball landscape!

Lens ball photography for January-24

Week 3: Black and white (use film)

Seeing as I had dusted off my lens ball it felt like an opportunity to have a play with some more abstracts with it. I wish I had cleaned it more thoroughly before taking the shot though – it took ages to photoshop the specks of dust out!

abstract black and white for Jaunary 24, my 52frames project

Week 4: A scene from a movie (use a LUT)

I stuck with one of my favourite subjects to photograph – eyes! Cropped to the 185:1 ratio and colour graded using a couple of blended LUTS. I have also used the liquify tool on my eyes to give them more of a surreal wide angle feel!

Close up fo my eyes for the  scene from a movie theme for 52 frames!

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