Lens ball abstract art

A while back I was gifted a lens ball. With the cold winter weather dampening my enthusiam for going out, I have taken to doing more indoor still life and lens ball abstract art.

Colourful abstract

My first project was to get some colourful backgrounds to set my lens ball against. I used my iPad to project patterns behind the ball. This gives a nice bright background which creates better images with this accessory. I then moved the ball around until I got a pleasing pattern refracted in the ball.

Lens ball abstract art

Black and white lens ball abstract art

I decided that this set up would work equally well as a black and white image. So I selected an interesting pattern to place behind the ball and starting shooting images again. I used this image for my black and white image in my 52 frames project. You can see more about it over in my January 24 post.

abstract black and white for Jaunary 24, my 52frames project

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