Here is March 24

Another month passes and another month of photographs capture for my 52 frames project. If you missed February 24 be sure to check it out. Otherwise here is March 24.

Week 9: move the camera (panning)

I used some wire and a coloured light as my subject. I then moved my camera in different ways to create different effects.

Wire abstract ICM for March 24

Week 10: symmetrical composition (use a mirror)

I was not getting inspired to come up with an interesting subject this week. So I have gone back to plants and nature which is often a subject I return to when in doubt! Plants also have interesting structures and patterns so I went with a high-key shot of this shamrock plant.

symmetrical composition  for March 24.

Week 11: Road (1″ +)

The roads around where I live have been getting progressively worse in recent years. More and more flooding is leading to deep potholes. It makes a drive feel like you are playing a computer game! I thought I would take the theme of these damaged roads and add my creative spin to it!

Highway to hell - a composite image for March 24.

Week 12: Chaos (composite edit)

There was a spare squid left over from a dissection at work, so I took the opportunity to have a photoshoot! I thought it could make a chaotic image in the style of The Mysteries of Harris Burdick. I like the idea that chaos would ensue if you walked out to find this in your garden!

The squid is revolting! My interpretation of chaos for March 24.

Week 13: Minimalism (Bodyscapes)

I had a play with a couple of petals that had fallen from some roses. I decided to make a butterfly from them!

Minimal butterfly for March 24

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