Lots of love for Highway to Hell image

I recently created a new photograph which I created for my 52 frames project on the theme of roads. Surprisingly, I have received a lot of love for my Highway to Hell image!

Highway to Hell image

So, I take part in a personal photography challenge every week. I follow the themes given out on the 52 Frames website and create an image on that given theme. Back in March, one of the themes was “roads”. I was in the mood to create one of my fantasy composite images. And had the idea of having something coming out of one of the many potholes in the roads near where I live.

I considered different objects which could be emerging from the water, and in the end, opted for a hand! I felt like an oversized hand would look surreal and create some curiosity! Therefore, this was my final image:

Highway to hell image - a composite image for March 24.

Submitting 52 frames

Once I am happy with my image, I submit it to the website. Here they create a gallery showcasing everyone’s work. Each week a panel select their favourite 52 images to go into the “52 picks” gallery. I have only been selected for this gallery a couple of times since I have been doing this project. I was thrilled to discover that my Highway to hell image was selected for the 52 Picks gallery!

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