The creation of Highway to Hell

Last week you may have read that I have created a new image that has proved to be popular! Today I thought I would share with you the creation of Highway to Hell!

New composite image

As you may be aware I do love to get creative with my photography. I wanted an original image for the theme of “road” for my 52 frames project. So I decided to highlight the terrible state of the roads, but having something crawling out of a pothole. I decided to include an oversized hand coming out of the road.

Creation of Highway to hell image - a composite image for March 24.

Creation of Highway to hell

This was a simple composite photograph. The first part was to capture my hand and take a photograph of my driveway.

I used a layer mask to cut out the hand and overlaid it onto the pothole. Next, I made a duplicate of this layer, flipped, tweaked and blended it until it looked like a reflection. I created a new layer and added some shadows under the hand.

I needed some ripples in the water to make it look more convincing. This was done using a new image of water and adding a filter-distort-ripples effect. I then blended it and reduced the opacity.

Finally, I added colour toning and overlaid a texture to blend the image.

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