Squid games come to Alamy!

Recently I have been playing some squid games! However, this has nothing to do with the horrific Korean TV show! No, I have been capturing some new images featuring some calamari.

Why Squid games?

I work as a science technician at a high school. One of the recent experiments I prepped for was a squid dissection. There was a spare squid at the end of the lesson, which was getting a bit smelly. It was going to have to go in the bin. So before this sea creature met its inevitable end, I did a dissection, while taking some photos.

Why do a dissection?

They are interesting creatures to dissect and show a great deal of features. Looking at the mouth, you can discover a hard “beak” that is used to crunch up the food. It is also fun to take a look at the ink sac. Another interesting feature is the eye. There is a hard sphere within the eye that acts as a lens, allowing them to see in the aquatic environment.

Images for sale

I thought this would be a useful exercise to show the teachers what they might be looking for. I also decided to upload the images to my stock library. Making them available to others to buy and use.

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