Spring is here and so is April 24!

As another month passes by, it means only one thing. Another set of images for my 52 frames project, this time captured throughout April 24. If you missed my selection from last month be sure to check out March 24 too!

Week 14: background (Colour contrast)

This has been an idea I have wanted to play with for a while. This challenge seemed appropriate as I needed the road to be a key feature!

Fork in the road for April 24

Week 15: Technology (Cinematic)

I am lucky to have just spent the week on the beautiful island of Sicily! I was spoiled for choice with the technology out there, but opted for one of the wind turbines set in the stunning landscape of Sicily!

A wind turbine in the Sicilian countryside.

Week 16: Anthropomorphism (found in nature)

I have often spotted characters in the patterns on my wooden doors. This one particularly amuses me as it looks evil! It almost looks like it is smirking!

seeing facing in objects!

Week 17: Leading lines (light trails)

I have a new obsession – microscope photography! I had to pick one of these subjects for this week’s challenge. Here is a Privett leaf transverse section.

transverse section of a leaf under a microscope

Week 18: Something I made (light painting)

I decided to go for another slide image for my challenge this week. I figured if I “made” a microscope slide of a hair that I “made” it would count for this challenge!

Something i made for 52 frames
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