Geeking out at Mount Etna!

Back in April I was lucky enough to visit the beautiful island of Sicily. A must see tourist spot for me was to visit Mount Etna. This is how we got on!

Mount Etna – The beautiful mountain

It was a beautifully sunny day as we set off on our 3 1/2 hour drive to Mongibello – or Mount Etna as it is more commonly known. The drive was, well….interesting I suppose. The Sicilans certainly have their own unique style of driving! Having made it across the island in one piece, we clapped eyes on this impressive sight!

Mount Etna

It was at this point I found myself geeking out and getting a bit emotional! I studied geology at university and have always had an interested in this area of study. It was a bit surreal finding myself at the foot of such an active volcano.

A couple of days before our visit, there had been reports in the news of unusual smoke rings forming over the volcano. I will not lie – I was a little disspointed not to witness this phenomenon on our visit. However, hubby was pleased to not see any activity and thought I was a little odd!

Heading up the mountain

As we drove up the winding road towards the visitor centre, we could certainly tell we were getting high. We felt our ears popping and the the towns below were getting much smaller.

Finally, we parked the car and it was time to go exploring and it was a wonderful adventure!

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