Cinema Paradiso tour of Scilily

I was lucky enough to have a family holiday to Siciliy back in April. There were a couple of must see places for us to visit. Firstly, for me being a geology nerd, I had to visit Mount Etna. Next, for my hubby being a film nerd it was the film locations for the 1988 film Cinema Paradiso.

Cinema Paradiso

If you have not see this film, I really recommend that you search it out and watch it. Set in Sicily about Salvatore, a film maker, and how he falls in love with movies. It is a wonderful film, that always brings a tear to my eye.


It was obvious that we would need to visit the film locations if ever we had the chance to visit Sicily. On our first day we spent a beautiful sunny day in the seaside town of Cefalu. One scene in the movie shows a film being projected along the wharf. This photo was looking back towards town from the wharf.

View from Cefalu wharf, film location for Cinema Paradiso

Palazzo Adriano

A few days later we took a road trip through the beautiful Sicilian countryside to Palazzo Adriano. This was the setting for the main village in the film. The cinema in the film was a set. Therefore, it took us a moment to get our bearings in the central square.

The small museum in the town is dedicated to the Cinema Paradiso. So, I was able to get this image of the square from the balcony. The cinema was situated just to the left of the fountain.

Palazzo Adriano - film location for Cinema Paradiso

Another scene from the film involved Alfredo projecting a film onto one of the buildings in the square so that the villagers could watch it from outside. This is the building it projected onto:

Palazzo Adriano - film location for Cinema Paradiso


In conclusion, we loved our experience on the trail of this amazing film. The island, the people, the food – was all truely bellissimo!

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