New plant cell images available to buy on Alamy

I recently bought myself a microscope to explore some microenvironments. This has been so much fun as it combines my love of photography with my love of science! Part of this process has led me to create some plant cell images.

Plant cell images

I can spend hours looking down a microscope and exploring these tiny worlds! It is fascinating to see what everyday objects look like on a microscale!

Here are some of my first attempts at capturing some photographs through my microscope:

This first image is a transverse section of a leaf. I love the abstract look created by all the cells – it looks so pretty!

Onion cells under a microscope - plant cell images

Next, this is a close up of onion cells magnified with a 10 times eyepiece.

Images for sale

I have added these photographs, alongside some other micrographs onto my stock selling profile. Take a look at these by heading over to Alamy portfolio.

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