June 24 Photography Selection: 52 Frames Project

With summer in full swing and life being everso busy, it can be hard to keep up with those personal projets. However, I have been sticking with my 52 frames project and still managing to photograph a new image every week on a given theme. Here is my selection from June 24. Why not check out my images from May 24?

Week 23: Line from a song (Involve a stranger)

This was a tricky one this week. With so many great songs out there I struggled to pick one and decide how to interpret it! I went with Blink-182 “I miss you” in the end.

Inspired by Blink-182 "I miss you"

Week 24: Abstract (Vanhoost technique)

I went for a close up darkfield image for my abstract shot. This is a close up of some sugar crystals under a microscope. The dark field filter gives the image a black background and lights up the crystals. I then added my own tint to them look like Meteoroids!

Sugar crystals under a microscope for June 24

Week 25: Portrait (portrait of a stranger)

Another busy week meant I only had time to grab a quick selfie in the garden this week. I do struggle with self portraits, as I am sure most people do!

Self portrait for 52 frames

Week 26: Negative Space (10 stop ND filter)

I recently found an old silver eggcup that I was given as a baby and though it would make for an interesting subject. This week it lent itself to the theme perfectly. I thought about cleaning the silver before photographing it, but opted for leaving the aged look.

An egg for the negative space challenge in my 52 frames project.

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