Alternative Photo Art

Do you love art? Do you like unusual and surreal designs? Are you looking for a unique gift for a loved one or maybe even for yourself? These alternative photo art prints could be what you are looking for.

My real passion is to create images from composite photographs. This is where you take photographs in everyday situations and manipulate them into something new. I love a variety of photography. However, I am most happy when I am creating weird and surreal worlds.

Digital art

Whether you call fine art, composite art or digital art does not really matter. I use the medium of photography to tell a story. I create my images in a series which allows me to explore my subjects in more depth.

In most of my images I insert a self-portrait. This originally came about as I needed people in my images, and had no-one around. It has now become my favoured approach to creating images. I can spend hours planning, and then playing around in front of the camera.

Once I have photographed all the elements of a photograph, I need to edit them together. I used Photoshop for my editing. The image then starts to take shape as layer builds on top of layer.

New photo art series

The global pandemic has inspired this new series. It is affecting everyone differently. However, there is a common theme. People are feeling a wide range of emotions. Feelings that normally wouldn’t worry people are now very dominant.

I have heard this situation likened to the misunderstood “stages of grieving” where people go through several stages of emotion after someone has died. However, it was originally a theory outline the emotions people go through when they find out they are dying.

It may seem overly dramatic when we are only being asked to stay home to protect lives. However, it is such a surreal situation, that I think we have all had moments, of panic, anxiety, guilt, denial, and acceptance.

I used these different emotional states to inspire a new series. I used self-portraits to act as my main subject and then used everyday household objects to tell a story.

fine art photography - A pair of eyes peak out of a wooden box in this dark and surreal painterly art. This creepy art image is made up from an oversized face - too large from the box it is emerging from.
weird fine art created during the 2020 lockdown as part of my lockdown series. The image shows a person peaking out from a letter box.
Alternative photo art. fine art photograph of a person appearing from some books. created during the 2020 lockdown
Creepy fine art image of a person trapped in a bottle of whisky. Created during the 2020 lockdown
Alternative photo art, The walls are closing in! This lockdown inspired photograph shows a woman sat on the floor with the walls and ceiling closing in on her.

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This series, as well as some of my older work, is available to buy as fine art prints. Prints are created at the wonderful Loxley Colour. They are presented on fine art paper with a white border and are available in three sizes.

Finally, you can head over to my shop, explore and get lost in some fantasy imagery sure to inspire you!

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