Behind the scenes

Here you will find articles giving you a little insight as to what happens behind the scenes at Sara Sadler Photography.

I will also share some “how to” guides with you to help you spot wildlife. These will also reveal some photography hints and tips to help you take some great nature photographs.

New art series "Connections" symbolising human relationships

“connections” the big reveal, surprising behind the scenes peek​

A sneak peek behind the scenes of "Connections", a new photographic fine art series.

fine art photography "speak"- a reflection on how society is becoming more isolated despite more forms of communication.Negative voices created frustration and prevented her from speaking her mind.

“Speak” behind the scenes look at a photo composite

Today on the blog, I thought I would share a bit more about one of the images in this series - "Speak". Enjoy this sneak peak on how I created this image!

Lego characters following a red, white and blue theme

Lego photography – behind the scenes

Find out how I shot this fun Lego image.

abstract water drop art

Water drop​ photography – behind the scenes

A sneak peek behind the scenes showing how I created this water drop image.

Abstract oil on water photography

Abstract setup – A behind ​the scenes look

Last week I shared some new products featuring blue and yellow oil on water art. Today I thought I would...

Self portrait captured as painterly photography

Behind the scenes – painterly photography

Painterly photography is something new to me. I had heard the term talked about but not really fully understood what...

Hollywood style Self-portrait

Playing with Hollywood style portraits

In the Sadler household, we have often commented on the 1940s/1950s Hollywood style portraits you see in many films set...

levitation photography

Behind​ the scenes look at levitation photography​

Why you might ask, am I sharing my behind the scenes images to levitation photography? Well, I do love a...

Vapour trails from an aeroplane passing infront of the eclipsed moon

Howl at the moon!

As we are coming to the end of the first quarter of 2019, I thought I would look back at...

Marble effect contact paper used as a background

behind the scenes – a bit on backgrounds

Today I thought I would share my journey on trying to find the perfect backgrounds for my still life photography....