Behind the scenes

Here you will find articles giving you a little insight as to what happens behind the scenes at Sara Sadler Photography.

I will also share some “how to” guides with you to help you spot wildlife. These will also reveal some photography hints and tips to help you take some great nature photographs.

Faking the golden hour to create a romantic image!

Faking the golden hour to create a romantic mood

Take a look behind the scenes to see how I created a golden hour image when nature wasn't going to give me one!

Are we just puppets believing everything we hear?

who is in control of the information you see and hear?

A behind the scenes look at the inspiration behind my new series "puppets".

digital art influenced by the concept of joining a support bubble on the easing of lockdown

New Year resolutions: Are you making plans for 2021?

2020 has been a strange and difficult year. So today I am looking at whether we should be making plans for 2021.

Surreal art - an updated Lockdown image

Revisiting, tweeting and improving on surreal art

Sometimes I look at a finished piece of my surreal art and decide - that is it. I have nailed it. Other times I look at it and there is a nagging doubt that something isn't quite right. That is when I need to revisit my images.

The final edited version of the Magical meadow

Peek behind the scenes of Magical Meadow

A behind the scenes look at how the magical meadow image was created.

The Creepy room shows a lady sitting in a darkened room staring out the window to the moon.

A sneak peek behind the scenes of the darkened room

Behind the scene of my new fine art piece "The Creepy Room".

The walls are closing in! This lockdown inspired photograph shows a woman sat on the floor with the walls and ceiling closing in on her.

secrets revealed: the creation of exciting new lockdown series

Take a behind the scenes look at how some of the new lockdown series was created. My top secrets revealed for creating photographic composites.

fine art photography - A pair of eyes peak out of a wooden box in this dark and surreal painterly art. This creepy art image is made up from an oversized face - too large from the box it is emerging from.

A crazy behind the scenes look at my lockdown series

A look behind the scenes at to how the lockdown series was created.

Terrific twirls - Abstract image of a flower

Terrific Twirls – check out how they are created

Find out how to make your own twirling images, that have taken the photo world by storm.

20:20 pandemic - reproduction of the 1920s Spanish flu information poster

behind the scenes: compare information posters in history

A behind the scenes look at the information posters from 1920 and 2020.