Inspirational photography

Here I share some inspirational photography created by Sara Sadler. These blog posts are all about the different types of photography I carry out. I share the images and the stories behind creating them.

To make navigation easier I have created subsections so you can jump straight to your favourite genre of photography. So whether you love flower pictures or prefer images of our feathered friends you can head straight to that section.

smoking vs vaping. Looking at how attitudes have changed over the last 100 years.

Smoking vs vaping comparing 100 years of change

Comparing life in the 1920s to the present day. This week looking at smoking vs vaping.

spooky images - a Halloween carved apple!

Fun seasonal spooky images you need to see some light relief!

Take a look at these seasonal spooky images that were created for fun

three crows - new digital art image

Three crows make a splash in new photo art

Introducing a new piece of photo art that I am calling "Three crows".

ICM at the beach for mindfulness

Finding peace and mindfulness in times of turmoil

Using mindfulness and photography to relax in turbulent times.

Looking at the bayside apartment on a photo walk in Worthing

A wonderful photo walk in Worthing

Take a look at some of the discoveries I made on a wonderful photo walk in Worthing.

My entry into the Adobe and Lady Gaga image competition

Lady Gaga and Adobe join forces for an exciting competition

Find out how I used a Lady Gaga competition to inspire a new image.

The walls are closing in! This lockdown inspired photograph shows a woman sat on the floor with the walls and ceiling closing in on her.

The seven stages of Lockdown, a surreal new series

Introducing the seven stages of lockdown, a new series inspired by the emotional rollercoaster experienced during hte 2020 pandemic.

funny giggle water poster recreated for the 20:20 project

funny giggle water poster recreated for the 20:20 project

Taking a look at attitudes towards alcohol in 1920 and 2020.

1920 vs 2020 toilet rolls. 20:20 a comparison 100 years apart by Sara Sadler

1920 Vs 2020 a fun and surprising comparison

A look at my next images in my 20:20 project, where I compare life in 1920 to 2020.

5 inspiring photographs in the art of relationships series

5 inspiring photographs in the art of relationships series

Introducing a new series - the art of relationships.