Inspirational photography

Here I share some inspirational photography created by Sara Sadler. These blog posts are all about the different types of photography I carry out. I share the images and the stories behind creating them.

To make navigation easier I have created subsections so you can jump straight to your favourite genre of photography. So whether you love flower pictures or prefer images of our feathered friends you can head straight to that section.

Change inspires a new aspirational photo challenge

Change inspires a new aspirational photo challenge

A closer look at a new aspirational challenge where I had to complete a new series each week on the theme of change.

Leading lines for the year in pictures project

A year in pictures to get the creativity flowing!

Find out more about my new 52 frames project where I am attempting to capture the year in pictures, by taking a new photograph every week.

Infomation overload: a mouth on a stick - who is in control of what you are saying?

Information overload: Do you think before you speak?

Are you in control of the information you share?

are we just puppets? or can we think for ourselves?

Are we just puppets? Exploring this social issue through art.

So are we all brainwashed puppets? Who is really controlling what we hear or see? That is what my latest series is exploring.

Christmas composite art

You need to see this magical Christmas themed composite art

Take a look at my new Christmas themed composite art.

smoking vs vaping. Looking at how attitudes have changed over the last 100 years.

Smoking vs vaping comparing 100 years of change

Comparing life in the 1920s to the present day. This week looking at smoking vs vaping.

spooky images - a Halloween carved spooky apple!

Fun seasonal spooky images you need to see some light relief!

Take a look at these seasonal spooky images that were created for fun

three crows - new digital art image

Three crows make a splash in new photo art

Introducing a new piece of photo art that I am calling "Three crows".

ICM at the beach for mindfulness

Finding peace and mindfulness in times of turmoil

Using mindfulness and photography to relax in turbulent times.

Looking at the bayside apartment on a photo walk in Worthing

A wonderful photo walk in Worthing

Take a look at some of the discoveries I made on a wonderful photo walk in Worthing.