Inspirational photography

Here I share some inspirational photography created by Sara Sadler. These blog posts are all about the different types of photography I carry out. I share the images and the stories behind creating them.

To make navigation easier I have created subsections so you can jump straight to your favourite genre of photography. So whether you love flower pictures or prefer images of our feathered friends you can head straight to that section.

Part VII

Out of Proportion, a mysterious world in fine art

Introducing my new fine art series "Out of Proportion"

Connections a photographic series. A mother holding hands with her child.

connections a photographic series you’ll either love or hate

Love it or Hate it? "Connections" a new photographic art series.

fine art photography - a reflection on how society is becoming more isolated despite more forms of communication. She was unable to stop herself from seeing the increased isolation around her.

Introducing “Isolation” surprisingly evocative fine art

Fine art photography - a reflection on how society is becoming more isolated despite greater forms of communication.

photographic fine art representing electricity

Photographic Fine Art – finding my style

My journey into the world of fine art photography - working in harmony with the planet to power our future.

playing with portraits - a gothic low key self portrait

Playing with Portraits

I have just finished reading a brilliant book on photography lighting. “Light, science and magic” covers the fundamentals of lighting...

Abstract oil on water photography

Abstract setup – A behind ​the scenes look

Last week I shared some new products featuring blue and yellow oil on water art. Today I thought I would...

Example of a fine art eye that will inspire you!

Example of a fine art eye that will inspire you!

Lately, I have been getting ideas for my photography from competition themes. I have been getting fed up with producing...

Self portrait captured as painterly photography

Behind the scenes – painterly photography

Painterly photography is something new to me. I had heard the term talked about but not really fully understood what...

Close up of a Water Rail looking for food.

Wonderful wildfowl photography

Those of you who regularly read my blog posts will know that one of my favourite subjects to photograph is...

section of road showing where trees and hedgerows have been cleared

The journey to ​Development – documenting road construction in West Sussex

Love them or hate them our road network in this country is starting to reach capacity. In my home town,...