Inspirational photography

Here I share some inspirational photography created by Sara Sadler. These blog posts are all about the different types of photography I carry out. I share the images and the stories behind creating them.

To make navigation easier I have created subsections so you can jump straight to your favourite genre of photography. So whether you love flower pictures or prefer images of our feathered friends you can head straight to that section.

May 24 has been and gone – here are my images!

May 24 has been and gone – here are my images!

Another month passes and another chance to capture some images for my 52 frames project. Here is a very floral May 24.

Fork in the road for April 24

Spring is here and so is April 24!

As another month passes by, it means only one thing. Another set of images for my 52 frames project, this...

The squid is revolting! My interpretation of chaos for March 24.

Here is March 24

Another month passes and another month of photographs capture for my 52 frames project. If you missed February 24 be...

Squirrels in the partk on a sunny afternoon

A sunny afternoon feeding the squirrels

Take a look at some new images captured during a sunny afternoon in half term. We were lucky enough to go out feeding the squirrels.

Shooting the bauside from below for February 24

Welcome to February 24 – capturing a year in photos

Where is this year going? January and February are usually a dark and miserable months that drag on forever! For...

Lens ball abstract art

Lens ball abstract art

With the cold winter weather dampening my enthusiam for going out, I have taken to doing more indoor still life and lens ball abstract art.

Lens ball abstract art

A new year and a new round of 52 frames – here is January 24

A new year and a new round of 52 frames! I have decided to start my third year, by taking a photo a week on a given theme. Here is January 24!

A portrait of self - the first image of the year for January 24

A portrait of self – behind the scenes

The first challenge in the 52 frames project for 2024 was to create a self portrait. I wanted to do...

Black and white landscape for December 23 - photo a week challenge.

December 23 is here – the end of my photo-a-week challenge

As we say goodbye to 2023, I am finishing my 2023 52-week challenge. Here are my final set of images...

Seasons of life: winter. A winter sunset. 2023 - a year in photos

2023 – a year in photos

As another year draws to an end, it is a time of reflection. On a personal note, I have had...