Abstract photography

The abstract photography category is all about the strange and the unusual. Pictures that I have captured where you are not always sure what you are looking at, but that give you a sense of intrigue!

Abstract Photography is all about capturing everyday objects in a new or unusual way. It is about making the mundane more beautiful by giving an alternative view.

Here is a collection of blog posts that showcase my own personal abstract photographs. I will share with you what I have photographed, how I have gone about it and why I like them!

Abstract oil on water photography

Abstract setup – A behind ​the scenes look

Last week I shared some new products featuring blue and yellow oil on water art. Today I thought I would...

Example of a fine art eye that will inspire you!

Example of a fine art eye that will inspire you!

Lately, I have been getting ideas for my photography from competition themes. I have been getting fed up with producing...