Bird photography

One of my favourite genres is bird photography. In this category you will find all the blog posts that I have shared about my bird sitings in the UK including the photographs I have taken.

Silhouette of a crow

Wildlife photography on a cold crisp January morning

It is hard for me to get inspired to go out and take photographs during the cold winter months. However,...

#Duckface #selfie

#Duckface #selfie

Following on from the success of last months bronze award, I have now made my #Duckface portrait available to buy...

Beautiful Bird Photography

Beautiful Bird Photography

I love capturing beautiful bird photography! There are a number of reasons why I love it. Firstly I love the...

Guide to photographing Spring

How to identify wildlife with the best seasonal nature tips (+ Free Spring Nature Photography ebook)

I love nature and wildlife. I also love photographing the flora and fauna I discover on my photo walks.  It...

Photographing birds at Widewater Lagoon - the Little Egret

5 Places to Photograph Birds

Following on from my post last week I thought I would share some of my favourite places to photograph birds....

Spring photography opportunities - baby birds

4 Things to see this Spring – A guide to Spring Photography

Spring may not officially have started, but I am so ready for it! This is probably my favourite season with...

Bird Photography - Chaffinch bird sitting on a branch

RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch

Counting our feathered friends and bird photography Each year the RSPB carry out a nation wide survey to monitor the...

Close up of a gosling bird looking towards the camera, illustrated as an example tablet case.

Spring photo opportunities

I really love this time of year. The flowers are emerging, cute baby animals are being born and on the whole...

Head and neck of a swan goose

Bird Photographs – A few of my favourite things

Following on from my post last month, I am going to share a few more of my 2016 bird photographs....

Photography review of 2016

Looking back on a year of photography.