bugs and beasties in photographs

This category is all about insects and includes all the bugs and beasties in photographs that I have captured.

Included in this section you will find posts about the more beautiful species, such as the butterflies, dragonflies and damselflies. Also you will find posts about interesting, but not so pretty bugs such as shield bugs and flower beetles.

Magpie Moth wins bronze award

Best Bug Photography

Today I want to share some of my new bug photos. I do enjoy bug photography as it can be...

Bees Vs Wasps

Bees Vs Wasps

Do you know the difference between bees and wasps? Today I thought I would share some inspiration nature photographs and...

Close up of a Southern Hawker Dragonfly

Do you believe in Dragons?

I do – well, Dragonflies anyway!  I love these darting insects! There is something prehistoric about them and suddenly being...

Guide to photographing Spring

How to identify wildlife with the best seasonal nature tips (+ Free Spring Nature Photography ebook)

I love nature and wildlife. I also love photographing the flora and fauna I discover on my photo walks.  It...

Close up of an azure damselfly resting on a leaf.

Summer Damselflies snap up Bronze awards.

In August I entered into the Guild Image of the Month Photo competition. This week I found out that 2...

Two bronze awards for my bee photographs from the Guild of Photographers.

I am really thrilled this month to announce that two of my images have again been awarded  bronze awards from...